Microphones sound just PHENOMENAL ! Congratulations ! Fantastic mics guys. They are so warm and transparent the same time, that I didn't feel the need for a pre-amp. Seriously....."

Elation Lab & Production has over the 40 years background of groundbreaking research and developments of the electroacoustic transducer systems. Each Elation capsule is a subject of dedicated research in electroacoustics therefore may come out with the look of an alien device. It sometimes has the shocking appearance but when you plug the microphone in - you realize you hear no difference between the real sound source and the sound in the control room. Each Elation microphone's preamplifier features its principal schematics to bring no coloration or audible presence of it in the signal from the capsule. Pure amplification, no interfienece brought to the acoustics.

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"Today we did a shoot-out with the Neumann KM140s using a custom built AD converter and high speed mike preamp, and we were all extremely impressed with your microphone, in fact, astonished. The consensus was that the Elation KM 201 is a much better microphone. I myself was surprised at the difference because I have been using Schoeps and Neumanns for many years and we do these comparisons regularly with new microphones, AKG, Beyer, Oktavas and many others--I have never seen a mic which clearly outperformed the Neumanns." David Tayler, Director, Pandore Recordings (USA)

"My first preference was to use the mic alongside an AKG 414 as a voice over mic. The 201 performed excellently, I often find the 414 a little cold, and hence the natural sound of the Elation KM 201 was very pleasant. Also the 201 seemed quite resilient to P blasting and did not seem to suffer badly from handling noise. On overall impression the microphones are well suited to broadcast T.V. use. The long term durability is yet to be fully realized as T.V. mics come in for a lot of abuse, moving from studio to studio and having to work in all sorts of temperatures, but so far the mics have displayed none of the inherent symptoms of such abuse, hence so far they seem well suited to the job, and I can recommend them for voice over and sound effect work. nnn Derek Nash (Sound Supervisor) B.B.C. T.V. (UK)